Day 12: Drive train is on the ground

We finished the VEXpro drive train, as we were wrapping up for the night. So no video tonight, but we should have some test driving videos tomorrow. We’re pleased with some of the modification decision we made and they seem to be working out so far. We had to do some minor adjustments to fix a few things, like a broken bearing in a gearbox, but other than that it looks good.

Shooter development continued for another day. We moved to two BAG motors and played with a lot of wheel combinations. We don’t think the type of Banebots wheels do that much to distance so we are planning to use the blue ones, hardest of the 3 types, so that they last longer.

We’re still working on our collection system and our feeder mechanism to move discs into the shooter wheels. These will both be critical to the success of our design.

CADing is now our main priority as we need to get drawings to our sponsors, sooner rather than later. Practice time is going to be as important this year as ever and we also want to spend a lot of time on our autonomous development as well.

Here is another shooter prototype video to hold people over.

– Spectrum

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