Day 47, 48, & 49: Driver Practice & Photon Update

Full Field Driver Practice

Today we visited our friends at Pearadox #5414 and did some driver practice on their full sized field. Here is a clip from driver practice.

Unedited full footage can be found in our photo gallery. We were able to consistently run two amp cycles, one speaker, and then another speaker within ten seconds of the first one (within amplification time.) We don’t yet have Apriltag aiming, so we were only subwoofer-ing during these countdowns. Cycles will get faster with auto aim to both amp and speaker.


  1. Ramp from intake scraped off, caused by scraping the thin rectangle of aluminum of the real stage, when rotating to shoot a podium shot. We did not put it back on the robot.

  1. Intake plate broke and the launcher pivot was able to pop out on one side. Caused by hitting the same truss as before. It was a pretty medium strength hit. The broken intake could still intake/eject, but it was scary because the lower roller could also get sucked under the robot.

  1. Pearadox has a real stage! Unfortunately, our trap attempts were unsuccessful. Climbing was good, but the amp/trap mechanism needs modification to ensure the belt doesn’t skip, and that the note stays in contact with two rollers at all times. Otherwise, it looks promising.

  1. Intaking multiple game pieces at once. It was easy to intake multiple game pieces at once at a source with lots of notes around. Intaking multiple notes could damage the notes and get them stuck inside the robot. We don’t yet have a camera facing the intake, so we just had to guess and check.

Photon Update

Photon is getting ready for our first event in five days! We are trying to get the robot ready to practice at Pearadox this weekend on Sunday which we will probably be running the wooden launcher plates to make sure it will work for the Katy District event we will be competing at. 

We got our robot running to test our launcher shots and see if we could actually amp well. Our launcher angle was too low, so we need to make changes to make sure our angle is higher to make subwoofer shots in our default position. 

We still need to design the climber which will be attached to our arm which will also help get our launch angle higher because it’ll hit our hardstop first. We’re almost done making both bumpers to be ready for our event soon.

Source: Spectrum