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Day 44: Reveal and CAD

Ultraviolet 2016
Here is the reveal of our 2016 FRC Stronghold robot, Ultraviolet. The video is of our practice robot. The competition robot will be very similar. We have plans for several more additional features for the coming weeks.
The above link is the full CAD of the current state of the robot. Feel free to use anything you like from it. It’s a bit rough in places but it’s mostly complete.

Ultraviolet Details

Drive Train
  • 8 x Pnumatic Tires
    • AndyMark Hubs
    • MBS Vine Tires (up to 80psi)
  • Dead Axle
  • 1/2″ drop for the middle two wheels on each side to reduce scrub while turning
Gearboxes (FRC#1114 Simbot Inspired)
  • 4 CIMs (with ability to add 5th and 6th motors if needed)
  • Ball Shifting (2.21 Spread)
  • 12:40 First Stage
  • 14:44 Low Gear
  • 24:34 High Gear
  • 14:44 Chain Reduction
  • Uses SDA20x25 pneumatic cylinders for shifting imported from China
  • Surgical Tubing wrapped aluminum tube intake
  • 3D printed HTD 5mm pulleys
  • 775pro powered front intake roller
  • BAG motor powered middle and rear rollers

– Spectrum

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