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Day 38 & 39: More Parts

Power Switch and connector mounting

We worked on our power switch and battery connector mount the past two days, going through about 4 versions before finally getting a good solid setup.

Version 1 and 2 didn’t include the connector mount. This is version 3.

Version 3 didn’t actually reach the battery connector so we had to add some parallelogram and make version 4. 
(The breaker is on the wrong side of the polycarb in this photo, it will be turned around and cover will be on it for the real robot.)
The real robot will get at least version 5 that has a few more holes.

Sheet metal Delivery #2

More sheet metal arrived this afternoon, we are able to get more items powder coated as well in our shop. 

Routed Parts

We do make a lot of parts in house in addition to our sheet metal parts. Here is some video of our router doing a couple of the arm gearbox plates from last night. 

Gearbox covers

We also made some simple gearbox covers out of 0.02″ polycarb.

– Spectrum

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Source: Spectrum