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Day 16: The 2nd third of the season

We are now officially in to the 2nd third of the season. Teams should be rounding out their ideas and prototypes and getting heavy in to their designs.

We flushed out our gear intake concept and believe it will be able to load from both the floor and human feeder if needed. We have a second concept that is being designed that will fit a similar geometry that may make our hit box larger for floor loading the gears. 
Our prototype drive train and bumpers were test fit into our brand new “A configuration” sizing box. 
It’s a nice fit just grazing the bumpers as it goes down. Please remember to size your robot and include the bumpers, no one wants to be taking 6+ inches from their chassis during an event.
Just a reminder that we will be on check_in this Tuesday (and every Tuesday) starting at 6 CT (7ET).
– Spectrum

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” – Winston Churchill

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