Build Day 18

More assembly today. We made the Lexan back panel for our collector and elevator. We’re using 1/16″ Lexan because it’s able to easily curve to the angles that we need for the shooter and the elevator.

We also started working on our shooter compression bar, we will be able to rotate the bar around the shooter wheels to change the angle of our shoots. This is the part of the robot that will probably have the most changes to it. We want to get to fully shooting so we can make adjustments as we go. Many aspects of the robot are deigned to be easily adjustable.

The base plate was cut today that will both stiffen up the frame and also give us a plate to mount a portion of our electronics. Speaking of electronics, the electronics layout was designed today. We did it the old fashion way with paper and cardboard cut out of all the parts. It’s easier to move parts around with paper templates than in CAD, it’s also easier to discuss the various problems and work through them as a group. We’re also looking into various vibration dampening techniques to avoid damage anything as we traverse the barrier.

We’re also getting better at painting the robot, by the end of the season most of the team will be spray painting professionals.

We’re still on pace for a week 4 robot; than lots of testing, breaking, tweaking and improving.

– Allen Gregory

“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion” – M. Jordan