Spectrum was formed in 2011 by students from St. Agnes Academy & Strake Jesuit College Preparatory who combined their rival programs to take on the FRC challenge. Throughout our history, we have dedicated ourselves to instilling Gracious Professionalism into our team, schools, & greater community. We are unwavering in our commitment to empower FRC teams to excel, to introduce more students to STEM, and to use our time & engineering experience to help those in need.

Spectrum’s mission is to create and cultivate opportunities in which students are able to grow mentally and realize their true potential. Our students develop life skills through the promotion of premier qualities, such as amity, volunteerism, dedication, and enthusiasm. As an engineering team, we believe that every team member has a special place in the process and creation of our robots. Our team deepens the bonds between students by allowing them to interact in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the exploration of ingenuity. We hope to facilitate a love of individuality through the appreciation of the students’ varying abilities and qualities.

Students from St. Agnes or Strake Jesuit who wish to join Spectrum are encouraged to sign up at signup.spectrum3847.org.