2017 Gamma Ray 

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Prototype CAD Files

Robot CAD Files


▲6x MiniCIM 12.5 ft/s front steering drivetrain
▲Pneumatic traction brakes
▲PID controlled gear ground collection and scoring
▲3 ball wide shooter at 6 balls / sec
▲Moving belt floor storage system
▲Ergonomic lifting handles
▲17 inch wide ball intake
▲5 second velcro rope climb

2017 STEAMworks

Each alliance must race against the clock to get the "Gears" their air ships need before they can take off. They also most work to move "fuel" (balls) into the boiler (goals) to make their air ship fly. At the end of the match, robots may attempt to climb aboard the airship by grabbing a rope and pulling themselves up.