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Day 38: New Collector but no powder coated parts

We didn’t get our powder coated parts back today. We have been assured tomorrow. The assembly should only take 3 days but it would be nice if we had all weekend to work with the robot.
We did however get our last run of laser cut parts. Included in this run was some plate hex hubs, some mounts for the pneumatic cylinders in the drive train, and some new collector parts.

Here is the new collector mounted n the robot. It may look the same but it’s designed not to rotate anymore. We also finally moved to using 775s on the collector which was the plan all along. The 775s have nearly twice the power that the BAG motors do. That puts our motor count this year up to 6 CIMs, 4 MiniCIMs, and 4 BB775s. We really like our collector for a few reasons, particularly because we don’t have to stick anything out past our bumper except for the wheels and hex shaft. We’re still a bit worried about bending the mounts but we are working on ways to prevent that. The pneumatic cylinders are very low on the pivot and allow the shafts to be pushed back very easily which means they don’t bend or break if we run them into a wall. We can also collect when the ball is off center and we can easily eject the ball forward out of our robot to pass or score in the low goal.

Tomorrow should be basically all assembly and more chairman’s award work.
– Spectrum

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