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Build Day 25: Three weeks to go

We’re through the half way point now, so we can begin counting down to end of build. 21 Days to go.

We finished wiring the Jaguars to the power distribution board and we are working on getting all of our sensors mounted as well.

Our electrical team is doing a great job of keeping all the wires nice and tidy. We also have everything setup to allow for quick changes if we do lose a Jaguar along the way. The power switch is inverted so you can get to it easily from the outside.

The rest of the electrical should go together with in the next couple days and we should be able to do manual tests of all the systems by the end of the week. Than we have to do all the integration of the control systems and start tuning the control loops for each system.

We’re still missing a bridge device, but we worked out a solution at the end of today that should have us building it tomorrow.

We’re still finishing up all the little things that make the robot actually function but were in the home stretch.

– Allen Gregory

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