After Action Meeting (Where we go from here)

On Friday we held our After Action Meeting. This is where we talk about things we could have done better as a team during the year. (After championship is sort of like end of the fiscal year for a business).

Here is the link to the presentation that was put together for that meeting from the responses to both our member survey and our parent survey.

First we looked at what we did well.

•Came together as a team
•Had Running Robot in 4 weeks 
•Completed Two Robots in 7 weeks 
•Volunteered at 4 Robotics Events 
•Illuminations and Engineering 101 
•Three FRC Events including Championship 

Overall we had a very successful sophomore season.

The majority of the meeting was spent on improvements both our robot/design process and our outreach and documentation efforts (Chairman’s).

It will be easier if you just look at the presentation above for a full list of places we have to improve.

It was also brought up that we have to work to expand the involvement of the parents of team members to make the team stronger.

One of our major outreach activities is going to be a camp at a local Boys and Girls club to teach younger children about robotics. This is going to be led by several of our raising seniors in the middle of June.

Summer Dates
The summer is going to be pretty busy for Spectrum

•June 11th-22nd Robotics Camp at Boys and Girls Club
•June 15th-16th Ozark Mountain Brawl –We aren’t competing here
•July 28th – Texas Robot Round Up, Austin, Texas (Our only off season event of the year (unless we get into IRI)

We did a lot of things right this year but there are still plenty of areas for improvement and we plan to work extremely hard to strengthen those areas.
– Spectrum

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.” – Tom Peters