Build Day 6

We're getting closer to a final design. We have prototypes of most of the subsystems underway. The collector prototype was able to run today powered by a drill. We were…

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Build Day 5

Design Review #1 Today was our first design review of the season. The goal of these meetings is to ensure that every member of the team knows the progress of…

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Build Update Day 4

The 1st week is moving along. We're four days in and I think we are finally starting to really understand some of the problems that we will face with our…

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Build Update Day 2

The high of kickoff has already worn down and we are starting to get into the gritty details of our design. Starting from the chassis and moving up. Seeing as…

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Kickoff 2012

The 21st FIRST game, "Rebound Rumble", was released today. It's another bit of amalgamation from FIRST combining 2001's bridge balancing (Cooperative balancing) with the 2006 game, Aim High. I was excited…

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Build Log

I will be updating the progress of FIRST Team 3847 Spectrum. There will be an update posted after every meeting.

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