Working on our projects

We are continuing to work on our summer projects.
Here is the draft of our camp curriculum. We only have a week and half before we start and there is still a lot to do.
We have had a lot of requests to helpstart FLL teams next year and a few VEX teams as well. We’re very excited to be mentoring teams not just in FRC next year. Hopefully we will be able to take Ultraviolet (our robot) on a lot of demonstrations this summer.
We also should be releasing our 2012 build log within the next week or so. (Mostly what was already in the blog but updated a little bit.)
This week is also our end of year celebrations; we had a party last night and paintball tomorrow. Lots of team bonding.
Engineering Links of the Week
– Spectrum
“People who go to work to be a part of the cause don’t go home. They are home.
Now – who wants to quit?” – Simon Sinek