Illuminations  Illuminations

Spectrum 3847’s guide for organizing a FIRST Robotics Team, especially helpful for rookie teams.

FIRST Team  101 Ways a Parent Can Help a FIRST Team

A guide by NEMO for what parents can do for a FIRST team.

  Spectrum 3847 code

The 2012 Spectrum 3847 Java code is located on our google code project. And here’s the 2012 Java API, the 2013 Java API, and the 2014 Java API

FIRST Team Chairman’s Presentation Speech

Spectrum 3847’s Chairman’s Award Presentation Speech

FIRST Team Presentation Slides

Spectrum 3847’s presentation slides include our team history, how we achieve coopertition and us volunteering at community and services.

  Spectrum 3847 Brand

A compressed folder with information and resources for Spectrum 3847’s brand.

  Spectrum 3847 VEX Part Library

The common VEX part library

Visit some other nice FIRST team sites, like 245, the Adambots, and 1114, Simbotics.

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